What we do?


We provide the professional bilingual writing, media marketing, and consulting services to the expanding businesses in the United States and China.

Chinese & English writing

Here at the AmeriChinn Company we offer many different kinds of writing services in English, and in Standard Simplified Mandarin.

We can provide you with the following:

  • Press release
  • Advertising copy
  • Speech writing
  • Website content creating
  • SEO

Cultural Education

We educate our clients on historical and present aspects of Chinese culture to facilitate greater intercultural understanding. Our education has both a theoretical and practical perspective. We help our entrepreneurial clients understand the cultural context of their partners. In addition we also have cultural education services for young learners as well. For younger learners AmeriChinn focuses on Chinese History and Literature; giving the young a strong foundational understanding of China that they will carry for their entire lives.


Are you looking to break in to the Chinese market, the American market, or both? Are you unsure on how to undergo this mammoth of a task. Are you afraid of rouge dragons, or bald eagles by any chance? Well fear not, call us! We will be your marketing busters! Let's come together!

Here are just some of the services, to expand your marketing so that you can concentrate on what your business is all about!

  • Chinese language social media
  • Chinese language video platforms
  • English & Chinese website building
  • Bilingual offline events planning


We provide services that go both ways, as we have experts from both Mainland China and the United States. If you need advice on navigating the legal and social climate of China or the United States, we encourage you to come to us. We will make sure your cross cultural experience for your enterprise has a smooth landing!

# How to get us?

- Email:
- Phone:
  +1 (412)407-7166
  +1 (646)291-9969
- Office hours:
  Monday through Friday
  9:30am - 5:30pm Eastern Time 
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